Empowering Futures: Breaking the Cycle of Teenage Motherhood and Child Marriages

Most teens enter parenthood unprepared for the stress a new baby brings, and many
experience frustration, resentment, and even anger toward their newborns. The fathers of the children abandon many of these girls and they are faced with a responsibility of raising children while they are still children themselves.


Teenage Care Uganda was prompted by the high rates of teenage pregnancies, a high teenage mother mortality rate, increasing number of school drop outs, the increasing spread of HIV/AIDS among teenagers, a high number of children mothering fellow children at a tender age and domestic violence among those forced in early marriage. Many teenage expectant mothers come from impoverished households leading them to trade sex in exchange for food, money, and sanitary towels among other items. Younger teens’ pregnancies, in particular, are considered high risk because their bodies haven’t finished growing and are not yet fully mature. Teenage girls are more likely to have birth complication, dying in unsafe abortions and many dying while trying to give life.


We are dedicated to empowering teenage mothers, eliminating teenage pregnancy, and eradicating child marriages. We strive to provide comprehensive support, education, and resources to young mothers, while advocating for policies and programs that promote reproductive health, gender equality, and education for all


a) To advocate for actualization of the rights of teenage mothers.
b) To protect teenage mother’s rights at risk.
c) To build capacity of teenage mothers and other support structures for realization of their rights.
d) To empower teenage mothers to increase their income to meet their needs and those of their babies.
e) To re-integrate teenage mothers into their families and communities for support.

Teenage Care Uganda exists to instill hope in these girls-to help them know that there is a life after giving birth. To remind them that they are loved and not forgotten. We’re all about action! With the support of generous partners, sponsors and individuals, we deliver BETTER LIVING to those in need.

what we do

We are a Non-profit organization that works with Pregnant teenagers, Teen Mothers, with their Children in nurturing a positive mental health, physical and social development of traumatized young parents of Uganda, helping them to re integrate back into their communities.

We teach practical skills to the teenage mother’s to empower them to become economically self reliant, healthy and build stable futures for their children.


Our Team Success

Meet Our volunteer

The Secretariat is constituted by 6 persons, the chairperson, Programmes Director, Treasurer, Human Resource Manager, and 2 TCU members. Below are the names of the members and their designation.

Bazalaki Edmound Ikula

CEO & Founder

Nanso Harriet

Programmes Director

Waigumba Brenda

Treasurer/ Finance Manager

Mwanje Sharon Pearl

Human Resource Manager