Empowering Futures: Breaking the Cycle of Teenage Motherhood and Child Marriages

Most teens enter parenthood unprepared for the stress a new baby brings, and many
experience frustration, resentment, and even anger toward their newborns. The fathers of the children abandon many of these girls and they are faced with a responsibility of raising children while they are still children themselves.

Teenage Care Uganda


Teenage Care Uganda is legally registered as an all-inclusive, non- partisan, Community Based Non-Profit organization under the registration number MYG/DNGOMC/142, working to help/aid pregnant and teenage mothers with basic necessities and moral support, instilling hope and confidence through empowering and inspiring the teenage mothers with practical skills, working to prevent the overwhelming and increasing number of teenage pregnancies among others.

Teenage Care Uganda was prompted by the high rates of teenage pregnancies, a high teenage mother mortality rate, increasing number of school drop outs, the increasing spread of HIV/AIDS among teenagers, a high number of children mothering fellow children at a tender age and domestic violence among those forced in early marriage.

We're All About Empowering Teenage Mothers.

Empowering Teenage Mothers With Practical Skills


We believe that empowering girls with the right entrepreneurial skills does not only elevate their chances of generating income but also enables them to be  independent.

Many girls have found themselves in unwanted marriages simply because their families traded them for dowry and These girls are left to enter such marriages because of poverty.

We teach girls with skills that allow them to start something for themselves, be independent and make the right choices in life


A society of prosperous teen mothers and girls conceiving at a consent age.



Elevating the lifestyle of marginalized and demeaned teenage mothers to be able to live a purposeful life.


We Cannot Do This Alone,

We wish we could rescue all the vulnerable teenage mothers at once, but we take in few at a time depending on the available resources.
Your gift and support, can make a big difference.

Volunteer and Help Teenage Mothers in Uganda!

A life changing opportunity to fulfill your passion and make a difference through changing the lives of others.
When you join the teenage mom’s empowerment program as a volunteer in Uganda with us at Teenage Care Uganda, your duties will mainly consist of giving direction in commercial enterprises. Currently, the teenage mother’s center is trying to generate income for the moms and children by making pastries, Tailoring, Bakery, Carpentry, Hair dressing, computer skills, however, these young women are uneducated and very poor. They lack the business knowledge and skills to run a successful business, and often have no idea about things like sanitation and marketing.
Volunteer Responsibilities & Impact
Your work with them will have a strong emphasis Counselling, Re-uniting them with their families, pre-natal, maternal, and post- maternal care in addition to training them in accounting and marketing skills, product distribution options, computer skills, product quality and general personal hygiene. Young mothers require someone to show support and love them and their children, while reassuring them that they still have a prosperous future ahead of them. By doing this you will help rebuild their confidence to create thriving business and enjoy motherhood. soap2day 123movies 123 movies soap 2 day soap2day movie
Skills and Qualifications:
Your safety is TCU‘s top priority. You will enjoy safe and secure accommodation and facilities that have been carefully vetted, and your in-country coordinator will be available to you 24/7 to assist with any potential problems or complications.
Safety and in Country Support

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